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G2W Consulting has provided job training, resume writing assistance, interview preparation and career guidance and mentoring to several individuals including individuals in historically underrepresented communities.

We continue to help people find long- term careers that they love. We have created tools and templates that help and encourage candidates to easily build a resume and portfolio that allows them categorically align their resume. We also designed helpful interview tips and preparation tools that we are beginning to incorporate into online tools for the general public to view to assist them with possible interview questions. By properly preparing for an interview, candidates have a higher success rate for achieving their dream job and long term goals. We are creating additional online tools for individuals to use that lead to their personal and professional growth.

We have partnered with and supported multiple universities to provide thousands of women on a national level with employment career counseling and resume writing services through local businesses and chapters. We offer assistance with any collegiate and alumnae member who have any questions regarding all states of the interview process for various education levels, backgrounds and degrees. We have since opened up this resource to other organizations in order to help women and minorities achieve their dream job.

We host a variety of informational sessions for candidates and mentees. If you are interested in becoming a part of the next group, please reach out to us. Our programs center around entrepreneurial youth training, youth development and career counseling. We will also discuss our curriculum relating to the development of personal goals, learning basic financial principles, performing well in school and participating in a capstone experience at the end of the program. We will administer a pre- test in ensure that we have the necessary tools available for each participants to progress throughout the program.