The Most Important 20 Minutes of the Day

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Everyone, including students, can benefit from applying the suggestions mentioned in the following article. Read the full article here.

“What are the most important moments of the day? The 20 minutes you commit to planning.

You’re thinking, Planning? Yuck.

I know for some people it’s a dreaded word, but don’t worry. I’m not talking about writing a business plan or setting annual goals. I’m simply talking about dedicating 20 minutes to prioritizing and organizing your day.

The 20 minutes you spend today can save hours tomorrow and turn a good day into a great day.” Read more…

6 Tips to Rock Your First Job

Read the following article for tips on how to stand out and get ahead.

“You want to make a splash at your first job and set your path to success. To that end, you want to filter through the countless pieces of advice out there and get the really good nuggets of wisdom to help you succeed.

Below, experts give their single best pieces of advice for a recent graduate starting in her first job. 1. Create your own career growth plan. No one else will chart your path to success; it’s up to you to do so. Julia Doria, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Bailey Lauerman, a digital marketing and ad agency, shares an example of how a new graduate charted his own course:”  Read more…

8 Tools That Can Make Employees More Efficient

Employers, read these helpful hints to improve efficiency for both you and your employees.

“As we move further into 2015, being more efficient is, rightly, a top priority for many business owners. Not only do they themselves want to be more effective, they want their staff to be more efficient as well.

When it comes to this pursuit, having the right tools can make or break your ability to work effectively and to promote these behaviors in your staff. Here are eight great productivity tools you’ll want to take a look at this year:” Read more…

4 changes that will make your resume a breath of fresh air

Remember, your resume doesn’t need to be one page, but it does need to be relevant. Read the following article for tips on improving your resume.

“As a job seeker, it’s easy to see hiring managers as big, bad obstacles that need to be overcome. They’re the gatekeepers, after all. But this kind of thinking actually leads to weaker job applications.

Think about it this way: Hiring managers read a ton of resumes — to the point at which their eyes cross. More importantly, hiring managers are just people. With this in mind, the only thing you really need to do to stand out is to have the one resume that actually lets them breathe a sigh of relief during this painful process. Here are four ways you can do just that.” Read more…

How To Dress For Your Next Job Interview

Finding out what to wear may require some research but your appearance is the first thing people notice so it’s well worth the preparation. Read the follow article for additional tips.

“Once upon a time, almost everyone wore business suits to job interviews.

“If you watch old television shows and movies from the 1950s, men wore suits and ties and women wore nice dresses pretty much everywhere,” says Andy Teach, author of From Graduation to Corporation, and host of the YouTube channel FromGradToCorp. “However, over the years, our society has become less conservative when it comes to dress code. Certain industries still require dressing conservatively but others have a more collegiate atmosphere and it’s not unusual to find employees wearing shorts, T-shirts, and flip-flops to work. You probably don’t need to wear a suit and tie to a job interview at a laid back company, but that doesn’t mean you should dress too casually, either.” Read more…

Uncommon Quotes That Can Change Your Life

Don’t you just love a good quote? Follow the link below for a thought provoking read written by Allyson Lewis.

“Quotes are tiny stories. A story told in a few words that shout to our soul. Quotes are not meant to be read like an article or a book. Quotes can change your life only when you choose to be deliberate when you read them. Deliberately think about each group of quotes listed under the following photographs.

Consider these little-known quotes. Write them down in your personal journals. Ponder them one by one. Contemplate each word and let the message you see develop over time. Take one quote and with patience and expectation discover what these words mean to you.” Read more…